About Us

Kalahni’s Treasures is a family business. We created this cherished brand inspired by our daughters and we founded it because we wanted to share with the world our family’s secret recipes. Our products are all hand-crafted using only the healthiest and safest of ingredients. In response to experiencing¬†allergic reactions to different types of products, we started making our own to avoid chemicals.

The raw ingredients we use meet strict quality control standards.

It is important for us to connect with the practices of making our own products for the care of the body, using only premium ingredients, generously offered by Nature and we want you to reap the long-lasting benefits. 

Since 2018

Industrial hair products can contain large quantities of toxic ingredients that pose a risk to our health and the environment. These toxic ingredients accumulate on our body and hair, clogging our pores and cuticles, making our skin dry and our hair heavy and brittle in the long run. Because of these products we experiensed skin and scalp irritation and different allergic reactions. Making our own products with ingredients we trust to be authentic and high-quality was one of the best decisions we ever made. We want you to experience the greatness of what we make.

Why Choose Us

Years of Experience

For years we researched and worked on recipes to arrive to a great line of products.

Guaranteed High-Quality

Our ingredients meet strict quality controls. They are certified organic,  natural and vegan.


Conveniently, you can get our products shipped to you directly.

This is Us

Our Promise

We promise you to strive to make hair and skin products and cosmetics using the best quality ingredients. We are committed to developing products that are natural, safe and effective that the whole family can use daily.

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