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Curls Crush Hydrating Cream

This hydrating, moisturizing, curl cream is for curly, coily, kinky hair types in the ranges of 3a to 4c and is made with aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil and essential oils. It is for everyday use to hydrate your hair, make it supple and prevent breakage.

Butter Me Up Butter Cup Whipped Butter

Our hair and body whipped butter is rich, emollient and nourishing. Made with cerified organic shea and cocoa butters, sweet almond oil and essential oils. It is for everyday use to seal hydration and soften your curly, coily, kinky hair and all types of skin.

Curls Crush Styling Gel

This styling and curling creamy gel is to be used everyday to style and hold hair in place while it nourishes and provides shine. Use for all sorts of twists, braids, cornrows, slick-back, and so on and so forth. Let your creativity run wild!

Curls Crush Twisting Cream

Curls Crush Twisting Cream is made for curly, coily, kinky hair. It is half moisturizing cream, half styling gel. It offers moderate hold and hydration at the same time. It is rich, emollient and nourishing. Apply it daily to wet or moist hair, before twisting and styling.

Liplicious LipBalm

Liplicious Lip Balm is made with some of our favorite certified organic ingredients, such as cocoa butter and castor oil that will make your lips supple, soft and luscious. Comes in vanilla or spearmint sent.

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Our creations are a labor of love. We use our favorite natural, healthy ingredients that meet strict quality control standards.

The Curls Crush Hydrating Hair Cream is the perfect product for my hair. It leaves it moisturized and smelling fresh! Works really well on my daughters hair too.


I am a “fan” of the hair cream! My daughter and I use this product for hydration and definition of our natural curls! The smell is super nice! You will not be disappointed!


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